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IFP Elite Scan In Access - Anytime

- 8:00PM
WEEKENDS 8:00AM - 4:00PM

IFP Basic

$34.99  as of January 2023 for non 24/7. No contract basic on a 1 yr.

IFP Basic Senior

$34.99  as of January 2023 for non 24/7. Student senior no contract basic on a 1 yr. Seniors 65 and over. Includes IFP classes.

IFP Basic Student

$34.99 - Students as of January 2023 no contract basic on a 1 yr. Students are 17 and Includes IFP classes.

IFP 24 Hour Access

IFP Elite

$49.99 - Includes 24 hour access and all IFP classes


Day Pass $15.00

IFP Loyalty - Updates


Any member currently on a $20 or 29.99 membership and will have the same privileges as a 2023 basic. This rate will vanish by December 2023 at the latest. The loyalty rate will only be applicable for any time remaining on memberships as of January 2023


Members on a $20 membership will immediately increase to $29.99 as of January 2023 payments. At the end of their loyalty membership term they will be adjusted to $34.99 to reflect the actual current rates.


IFP Elite will automatically move to the 2023 Elite rate and have the 2023  rate privileges.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

There will be no refunds on early cancellations unless inside the 10 days required by the Ontario Consumer Protection Act. The term of contract is based on payments not months, there is no early cancellation fee applied to Student and Senior memberships. All cancellations require 30 days’ notice.  There will also be no refunds on early cancellations of Corporate memberships. 


Any new member has 10 days from sign up date to cancel membership without penalty as per the Ontario Consumer Protection Act. After twelve (12) withdrawal payments memberships will continue until cancelled; no cancellation fee will be charged after 12 payment withdraws. A renewal notice will be e-mailed to a customer at the e-mail address listed on their application 90 days before my membership auto-renews. A Membership Cancellation Form must be completed to end payments. Cancellations can also be requested via e-mail at or by phone at 613-706-4343. I am further aware that failed payments will be subject to a $25.00 NSF fee, Industry Fitness Perth reserves the right to charge NSF fees on any failed payments. Industry Fitness Perth reserves the right to send accounts in arrear to a third-party collection agency for recovery and consent to sharing any information related to my account for collection purposes. Overdue accounts are subject to an interest at a rate of 2% per month/24% per annum. Key Fobs must be returned upon ending or canceling a membership, if fob is not returned a $15.00 fee will be charged.

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